Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ipsy box review June 2013!

So after waiting what felt like about 3 months, my box finally arrived today. I thought the May box was like the best box I had ever received from anyone, so I was so excited for this month.

This month the theme was on the wild side. I guess that should have made me a bit wary to begin with, since most wild things just aren't me.

They always ship in a hot pink bubble mailer, via DHL ugh.

The bag this month was an animal print bag with a neon zipper. This is so not me, plus it looks cheap! I'm giving this to my little sister.

The information card isn't a true information card. It just lists all the brands that you might receive and what type of discount you get.

Let's get started on the fun stuff. What's in the bag?

The first thing I got and the only thing I'm actually in love with is the Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter. This is full size and goes for $18! I've never really owned a highlighter before, so I'm excited to try this! I never would have bought this on my own, so I'm totally thrilled to have gotten this.

Then there is the J Cat Sparkling Cream Palette in Volta. This is full size and goes for $4.49. I think this is so pretty and sparkly. I know I probably won't ever use it because I own a couple of the NYX ones and they are pretty much just glitter in vaseline, but it is nice to look at and you never know when I might have to go to a party or something.

Then I got the Starlooks Lip Pencil in Tickle Me Pink (I had originally gotten it in Bare and had traded my mom). This is full size and goes for $12. I've always wanted to try the Starlooks brand, so I'm hoping to like this because if I do, I might sub to their subscription box. Plus I've been meaning to get a pink lip pencil since I have so many pink lipsticks.

The next thing I got is a Cailyn gel liner in Iron. This is full size and retails for $21. This is super cool because the handle turns out to be a brush, however I wish I would have gotten the purple because I know I'll probably never use this. I hate grey liner because I feel like it just looks like I was once wearing black and then it faded. If this was black I'd be ok, but its not so I'm not too sure what I'm going to do. I guess I could always try it right?

The last thing I got is a NYX Cream blush in Tea Rose (I had originally gotten a dark bronze color, but I traded with my mom who wanted a bronzer.) This is full size and is $6.99. I actually have this color in stick blush form from NYX so I'm sure I'll be using this, since I do like the color. I just hope this is as easy to apply as the stick form. Even though upon closer inspection I think that this blush is a bit more orange then the stick form.

All totaled the value of my June Ipsy is $62.48 and I got 5 full size products! While that is awesome and I like my bag alot more now that I traded for a couple of the colors I wanted, I'm still not in love. I'd rather have 5 samples of things I love then get 5 full size items that I'm just meh about. Oh well maybe next month will be better.

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