Monday, June 24, 2013

June Beauty Box 5 Review!!!

Yes, it is Beauty Box 5 Review time! Yay! I'm actually super thrilled to show you guys what I got.

Beauty Box 5 is only $12 a month and they send everything from makeup to skincare to tools to hair products.

Let's get started!

This is what their boxes look like.They are tiffany blue and actually a bit smaller then I expected.

This is the information card. (Which I love because they included the sizes of the full sizes on them, so I don't have to look it up!)

The first item that I got is Just Being Sexy Body Bronzer. These are 8 ML each and go for about $4 for both of them.  I already am pretty tan from being outside quite a bit this summer, but maybe I'll use it towards the end of summer just to keep that nice glow? I love that they included two packets so you could try it twice!

Then I got the Coolway Shampoo and Conditioner. They are both 1 oz and go for $5 for both. I love that they are actual tubes instead of the normal foil packets that shampoos and conditioners tend to come in. These don't really have much of a smell, which is totally fine with me. These are supposed to help reduce frizz and breakage both of which I could totally use!

Then I got a The Brush Hanger which goes for $4.69. I'm not sure that I'll actually use this, but we'll see. I do wash my brushes weekly, but I like just laying them on a towel to dry. Besides with this I could only wash one brush at a time and I just don't have the time for that.

The last thing that I got is a Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap Facial. This is a 1 oz bottle and goes for $4.50. I've always wanted to try a Shea Terra product, so I was thrilled to get this. This product, while not super pricey, was totally worth getting the box to me!

All totaled my June Beauty Box 5 has a value of $17.19. That's great considering I only paid $12 for the box. I actually really enjoyed the products too! It had a nice mix of useful (shampoo and conditioner), fun (the bronzer), quirky (the brush hanger), and something I've been dying to try (shea terra). I think I'll skip Beauty Army next month so I can give BB5 another shot. The sizes are great for only $12 and I thought the box was alot of fun. Totally one of my favorite boxes this month!

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