Friday, June 14, 2013

Panty Fly Review June 2013!

I have another sub box to review! I personally think that this one is super cool and it might actually be one of my favorites and that is Panty Fly!

What Panty Fly is, is it's a monthly subscription service that sends you 3 pairs of underwear for $9. Which okay I can buy a 5 pack for like $7 at Walmart, but honestly I think anything that I can get sent to me in the mail is so much better, because honestly I hate buying stuff like this in stores. (Does that make me weird?)

I got the Mix in Match set which comes with both thongs and briefs.  You also have the option to go with just thongs or just briefs.

For those worried that your panties will come in a box reading panty fly, don't worry! These come in a little plain white envelope and the return address is even listed as P Fly!

The first pair is a bright orange thong from American Apparel. ($3) I love funky undies like this and I'll totally wear it. This fits true to size and is super comfy. I couldn't even tell I was wearing a thong!

Then I got another pair of American Apparel undies. ($3). These are briefs. Both American Apparel pairs are 100% cotton, which I love. These were a bit tighter, but not super tight! I'm totally going to be looking into American Apparel for undies! Plus they are way cheaper then Aerie, which is my go to brand, so yay!

The last pair is from Ma Mia. ($3.99) I've never head of this brand before and these are really cute! They are yellow with red hearts! These were also super comfy, even though they are polyester.

So for $9, I got $9.99 worth of undies. So the deal aspect isn't really there, but I like it because I always mean to buy undies and I never end up actually buying some. Also I never would have bought the American Apparel ones by myself so that is great. I'd totally recommend and I can't wait till next month! (:

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