Sunday, June 2, 2013

May Birchbox 2013 Review!

 Since I was semi unimpressed with my Birchbox (and because I was super busy) I decided to do a review of the products inside instead of an unboxing.  Especially since my box was a little underwhelming at first (or any) look.
 Birchbox gives a nice little info card and this month the theme was Beauty Diaries. They also gave you a chance to win the full size products of your whole box on twitter. Which is cool, if you got a good box. So did I get a good box? Let's see.

The first thing I got a Coola Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face. The sample size is .23 oz and is about $4.50. I tend to like most cucumber products and this was no exception. It has a nice clean scent and while it was a little thinner then I like moisturizers to be, I could totally see myself buying a full size especially for the super hot months!

Then there is a Marvis Classic Mint Toothpaste. The sample is .5 oz and is about $1.50. Toothpaste really?! I've herd good things about this, but I was still a bit bummed, because honestly I can and prefer to pick out my own toothpaste, especially since I really hate the smell/taste of mint toothpaste! And not only does this smell strong it has a minty black licorice smell which makes me want to gag, there is no way I would ever use this! Sad too because it would such a good thing to bring on vacation. Anyway I'll probably give it to my fiancee who isn't so picky.

Then, my favorite item, is the Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner. This is a mini pencil and goes for about $5.25. I got a black one, but I hoard black eyeliner since I use it almost everyday. While I would have liked a bright color, I'm thrilled to have received the black one because I know I'll use it. I wonder if Sumita is cruelty free because I thought that this eyeliner was comparable to my Avon one (which is not cruelty free!) and the price is pretty good too.

Then I got is the amika Obliphica Nourishing Mask. The sample size is just a foil mask sample and it probably retails for like $1.60. I love getting hair masks and this one smelled really good! I also got 2 uses out of it since I have really short hair and it moisturized super well. This would be good to have on hand for after dying my hair when it's super dry. Might have to invest in a small size.

Then I got another really item. Runa Guayusa Tea. I got 4 tea bags (I used one before taking the picture). I'm fine with this I drink tea, but again tea is one of those things I'd prefer to pick out since I prefer sweet tea to hot tea. Also these say they are energy boosting, and from the one I had I felt no increase in energy.

All totaled (and not including the tea) my box is valued at 12.85. Since I get 50 points a box (or $5) I always think of Birchbox as being $5 instead of $10 so I definatly thought that the value was there especially since I did like 3/5 items that I received. Would I recommend Birchbox? Not really. I think for $10 Ipsy is much better, but I do continue to sub to Birchbox because I love the points system and with my other subs I don't feel too let down, but I wouldn't recommend it as your only sub.

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