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Bonjour Jolie Box Unboxing + Review June 2013!!

I have another TOM box review and this one is called Bonjour Jolie! To be completely honest when I first heard of this box, I thought it was some sort of fancy French beauty products box. I do still think that this box is pretty fancy though!

This is pretty much like My Cotton Bunny, it gives a snack, a beauty product, and some fun personal care products, along with your choice of pads, tampons, or pantyliners (up to 30).

I kinda went overboard on taking pictures of all the pretty packaging. It felt like a present!

This is the box. It's pretty basic and plain.

Then there is the tissue with a sticker. The sticker looks like it has a flower on it, but it really looks like a lady too! How cool?!

First look. I'm sorry I didn't take a close up of the card, but it was a pretty basic info card. It gave the theme, Summer of Color, and was divided into 3 sections: The Edibles, The Gift, and The Pampering. As you can tell, this box was packed. Plus how cute are the little rose petals that were sprinkled on it?

This is a close up of the petals and how things were wrapped/ packaged. I thought it was all adorable!

The first thing I got is my pads and pantyliners. I'm guesstimating like $4ish dollars? I like that these were wrapped really well, so if you opened them in front of someone it wouldn't be awkward because they wouldn't know.  (Which considering I share a house with my fiance and his best friend, that's always a plus!)

Then I got 3 of the Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths. Two are in Simply Sensitive and the other one is in Sheer Floral. These are always useful and I've wanted to try them, especially since I work out alot and in summer after the pool and stuff. I'm so putting these in my gym bag.

Then there is a small packet of the Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Body Lotion. I've never tried anything from Kiehl's before, but I hear they're the best. Super excited to use this, especially since I always need lotion!

Then there are 2 packets of Advil. These are optional, you have to check them if you want them, but I love Advil. It is the only thing that gets rid of my cramps, so I was so excited to see them include this instead of Midol.

Then there is the Rusk Deepshine Shampoo and Conditioner Set. I can always use help with dry damaged hair and this says it helps with that. I'm always up for trying out new shampoos and conditioners so this will definatly be put to use!

The last pampering product is a Moroccan Rose Soap Petals. I love stuff like this! They smell floraly and a bit rosey. I'm going to be using these tomorrow as apart of my Sunday Spa Day! Can't wait! (:

I'm estimating all the little packets to be at least $3.

 The gift is a Pop Beauty Stain Stay in Brick Beauty. This is full size and goes for $16! I love the marker lip stains and this one is an orangey color that will be great for summer. Plus I've never tried this brand before. This is totally my favorite item in the box.

Now for the Edibles!

The first edible that I got is 5 bags of Touch Organics Teas. $1. The tea I got is white, mango, very berry, jasmine, and Oolong. I drink tea when I have a cold, so I'll save these for then. The flavors do smell good though.

The last thing I got is 2 Chicks with Chocolate 4 Piece Truffle Set and it is valued at $7.95. Aren't these pretty? The flavors are min, hazelnut, milk chocolate truffle, and cappuccino. I've only tasted the mint one so far and oh my gosh it was amazing! I love this stuff and I totally want more. Sadly this is a Bonjour Jolie exclusive and I couldn't find the mint of their website.

All totaled my box is worth about $30.95. That's great since I only paid $21 for the box. I love that they packed it full, even if alot of the stuff was foil packets. The chocolate, and the lip stain totally make the box worth it. I totally found it pampering and really nice. This box is a win. Between the pretty packaging and the awesome items, I just love everything about it. Also the shipping was fast and the CS was nice and helpful. I'm so excited to see what's in next month's box!

*Be on the lookout for who wins the June version of battle of the TOM boxes*

**Sorry the foil packet pics don't really come out too well!**

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