Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sub boxes, nail dupes, and quick update.

I'm so sorry I've been MIA. I've been so busy with my nursing classes (going to clinicals and labs) and working. Plus I've been taking a break from my subs so I could get some clothes for spring.  I'll be moving in August, so then I'll be taking quite a long break from sub boxes until I get a permanent job (or if my hubby gets one) and also until I get a permanent place to live. I'll continue to get glossybox and ipsy, but I'm not actually going to have them until December because I'm leaving everything still attached to my parent's house so I don't loose anything. (Won't that be a fun day? 6 month's of subs to review in like a week between New Years and Christmas)

Anyway. I will continue to blog though. As much as I can anyways.

I was going through my polish stash today to decide if I should resub to Julep or not and I decided that I'm going to wait until July. All of the polish was pretty similar to what I already have and I don't really like buying/getting dupes on purpose. Sometimes it happens though thanks to my overabundance of subs and just my compulsion to buy polish.

Anyway while going through my polish stash I found a China Glaze polish in Frenzy and I thought that I had a similar one from LA Splash (that I got in Lip Factory). And I was right! They are pretty similar.

The difference is that the LA Splash is alot more opaque and purple. Also the glitter isn't super pronounced. The China Glaze one is sheer with a slight purple hint and super glittery! I think the China Glaze would look better over a different polish like a topcoat, while the LA Splash is fine with just 2 coats by itself.

They are two completely different polishes!

I've been really into like "indie" sub boxes, like sub boxes that are just starting up.

Ones that I want to sub to are:

-Petit Vour. It's a vegan/cruetly free beauty box! It's only $15 a month.

-Ophelia's Apothecary.  Also $15 a month. With homemade bath type products.

This month I'm currently subbed to:

-Beauty Army
-Sample Society
-Lip Factory
-Beauty Box 5

I'm skipping Julep.

Also I'll probably be adding a few boxes for July and during the month. Be prepared for a lot of reviews!

By the way, do you guys mind having similar polish colors by different brands? Or do you think it's a waste? Like I said I don't mind it too much, but I do try to avoid it (which is weird because I hoard black eyeliners). Lol. Let me know in a comment!

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